Monday, August 8, 2011

Bigfoots are Different than other Cryptids

Bigfoots are quite different than other cryptids that have been reported over the years.  They are different in that, to the best of my knowledge, Bigfoots have been reported worldwide, while other cryptids are reported  in a certain area of the world, some large areas, and others small areas.

Now, of course Bigfoots are called by many different names in many different areas.  There is the "Bigfoot" of The United States of America, the "Sasquatch" of Canada, the "Yeti" of The Himalayas, the "Yeren" of China, and the "Wildman" of Europe (also can be written as two words: Wild Man).  And, then, even within some of these locations, there are other names for it.  Such as, within The United States of America, there is another name for it in Florida, the "Skunk Ape".  But, still all these creatures seem to be the same type of creature; a creature found all over the world!  This is different from other cryptids.

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